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Sing&Grow Services in Kwinana

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We have a range of different services in Kwinana:

Group services

Our groups enable a whole family to attend. We cap the number of families to keep groups small and focused.

  • Family Workshops: These are a one-off experience which covers three key topics. Examples include music for language development, music for social skills or music for motor skills.
  • Family Workshop Series: These are a series of three workshops which cover one topic a week in more depth.
  • Group Programs: These typically run between 6-8 weeks. The Group Program gives opportunity to learn new songs and skills and build social connections with other parents while engaging with your child.
  • Off To School Programs: Similar to the group program, but with a focus on topics which prepare both parent and child for kindy the next year. These may run out of local Kwinana primary schools where available.

Individual services

  • Home Visits: These are for families which may struggle to get to the locations of the workshops or group programs or aren’t quite ready to join a group environment. The reason for a home visit may vary for each family.
  • Individual Families: Similar to a Home Visit, but this can be at another location within Kwinana, such as the Child and Parent Centre, Calista.

Join us!

If you live in Kwinana and have a child aged 0-5 years, you can be referred by another service or self-refer to the Calista Child and Parent Centre.

If you have any questions about Sing&Grow in Kwinana, please call us, email us or drop by the Child and Parent Centre – Calista.

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