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About Sing&Grow

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At Sing&Grow you can expect to:

  • Learn to use music in different ways with your child
  • Share you experience of parenting and be supported through parenting challenges
  • Help your child develop important social and communication skills
  • Help your child explore music through playing music and musical games
  • Share quality time together and have FUN!
  • Share ideas and learn from other families

At Sing&Grow you can expect to have fun making music together, singing and learning new ways to support child development through music therapy services. We use percussion instruments, drums, balls, parachutes and more to:

  • Increase positive interactions between parents and their children
  • Enhance children’s development
  • Build social networks between families
  • Increase parents’ confidence to use music as play at home

Each Sing&Grow service will discuss our key parent messages of “Play, Praise and Consistency”.

Ages suitable

Sing&Grow services suit families with children aged 0-5 years.

As children at this age spend most time with the parent, parents are encouraged to practice the skills and songs within Sing&Grow to be able to transfer them into the home environment. Most services will provide the Sing&Grow Together Resource CD.

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