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Young Achievers Club (YAC) Program

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Young Achievers Club is . . .

Young Achievers Club (YAC) is a culturally secure support program for primary schools which uses a strengths perspective to improve education outcomes, health & wellbeing, and cultural connection for Aboriginal students.

Key Elements of the Program

YAC uses a combination of leadership, mentoring and culturally based approaches including:

  • Aspirational Aboriginal Role Models
  • Traditional Indigenous Games
  • Leadership and personal development
  • Cultural celebration & connection
  • Rewarded for positive action

How YAC achieves success

YAC works in partnership with schools to support and develop students’ leadership, resilience and cultural connection. Key success factors include:

  • Culturally secure service delivery – provided to the Aboriginal community by the Aboriginal community
  • Strengths based focus – working with capacity rather than addressing deficiency
  • Experiential education – learning by doing rather than by being told
  • Partnership model – every program is delivered in partnership with local agencies
  • Professional, safe, engaging programs delivered by outstanding young Aboriginal staff
  • Nyoongar Wellbeing & Sports is currently in partnership with Medina and Orelia Primary Schools to deliver YAC in Kwinana

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